The Life Traveller - About Me
The Life Traveller - About Me
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The Life Traveller - About Me - Manon


How wonderful that we have crossed paths.
My name is Manon Valesca Maria. I'm Dutch with a drop of Indonesian blood. The Life Traveller is established in 2014. I had this vision of creating an online relaxing place for positivity, spirituality, inspiration and mindfulness. A space where you can take a deep breath from the long way you have come. The Life Traveller is a meeting point, where other inspiring travel companions share their experiences. You can get some ‘take-away’ inspiration for the continuation of your journey and personal help is offered to get going, when it’s unclear which direction to go. I also share some of my daily adventures. Motherhood is a huge part of that. The Life Traveller travels light and follows the light on its journey into eternity. Have a magical trip. Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to follow my trace!


I have had work experience for more than sixteen years in the field of Dutch magazines as a fashion, beauty & health director, image coordinator, editor, stylist and text writer. Beside motherhood, the most important role of my life, my days are filled with charity work and sharing light. Feeling good and sowing the seeds of love are my main goals. Beside that I combine writing for magazines with this blog. I am also the creator of Naramatisho, a Kenyan handicraft label. Additionally, I have a healing and coaching practice for awareness and personal growth. I support other travel companions as a life coach through aura reading, chakra balancing, healing techniques and coaching. Everyone deserves to be happy.

I'm a very blessed mother of a wonderful rainbow family. I'm married to a brave, supportive Dutch sun warrior, Michel, and mama moon to a beautiful African sonshine, Micah, and a sweet Welsh corgi dog named Vos (Fox in Dutch). We have been living in Kenya and are now dividing time between Kenya and our home in Amsterdam.

I live simply and am down-to-earth and spiritual all-in-one. And I like seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Travelling is in my blood. I love exploring the world, hiking in nature, walking barefoot, yoga, meditation, dancing and music, watching Indie and art house movies, having fun with friends and preparing pure, organic vegan dishes..and capturing moments in a picture. I get inspired by nature, animals, the sun, the moon, the stars and trees. I collect stones, gemstones, feathers and Native American Kachina dolls..and positive thoughts.


If you have a question, feel free to email me.

In need of personal guidance? The Life Traveller offers personal help to get going, when it's unclear which direction to go (sessions can take place by email or skype).

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The Life Traveller - Back Home
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Welcome to The Life Traveller Foundation!

The Life Traveller Foundation was founded by Manon Hanssen-Meyering and Michel Meyering. The foundation aims to improve the quality of life of those in need through small, person-oriented aid.

Our motto: ‘Small aid, great impact’. While money is an essential part of the proces, our involvement plays as well an important role in the completion of a charity project. It gives us the opportunity to understand someone’s situation even better. Therefor a solution can be offered which often has a positive effect in the long term.

Besides a number of school projects, we focus on personal or family-related charity. This provides transparency; because of our personal approach we can show the donator where the money is used for.

Our goal? We feel responsible to leave the world better than we found it. And anyone who asks for legitimate help, we will offer a helping hand.

The charity projects we provide in Kenya range from the reimbursement of school fees for a child, providing clothing and toys through fundraising, providing microcredits, the start and construction of a shop, payment of hospital visits or a doctor’s bill to empowerment sessions.

Who is eligible?
We are mostly active in the Netherlands and Kenya, but we are open to other places on earth. The world is one, there are no borders, and because of that our aid needs to be unlimited as well.

Become a donor
You can choose to support us with a fixed donation on a monthly or yearly basis.
You will be personally informed about the spending. It is also possible to support a specific project.

In addition to ongoing actions, we are fundraising for the following projects.

Breakfastservice at Kenyan schools.

Support for a young single mother and her disabled daughter.

Donations for a children’s orphanage.

School money for Kenyan children.

How it all started

For years, my husband, Michel, and I talked about starting a foundation. All the incoming money would be ‘give away money’ that with help, attention and inspiration would be brought to its destination. It was our desire to provide personal aid and support those in need.

When we moved to Kenya in August 2014 to complete the adoption process of our son, Micah, one of our goals was to learn more about the Kenyan culture and fully live this amazing life experience. We wanted to get to know the country where we were born as a family and not just be Western observers on the sidelines. It was our son who finally helped us starting the foundation.

Our initial charity projects were much bigger than we previously imagined. Hundreds of children were given their own school uniform, thanks to donations of people from the Netherlands. Making them no longer the outcast in the classroom.
Soon followed the delivery of quality mattresses and the construction of a school campus. This allows students from graduating classes, who do not have electricity at home, to stay at school during important exams.
Meanwhile porridge project was launched, that offers breakfast on a daily base to hundreds of children. The ilness rate has dropped significantly and there is less complaining about stomach pain.

Ever since we have completed dozens of charity projects. No longer just with the help of friends and family; today we have a professional donor file.

Nowadays we live in The Netherlands, but our support continues. We work with professional team of aid workers in Kenya to be sure help is offered and donations have transformed into positive change.

For more information send an email to For donations: NL11ABNA0528987631 t.n.v. The Life Traveller, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.